Wednesday, 1 July 2009


...I'm pretty chuffed with my latest review, for now anyway, and it's good to finally update my very slow blog. I haven't been posting a lot due to a lack of confidence and drive to write. My lack of confidence is mainly due to that fact that I think some of my earlier posts suck a fuck, but I'm gonna press on anyway...


An interview with filmmaker Paul Bortowski once I figure out how to cope and paste from notepad to my blog (help would be greatly appreciated or I'll have to type it all up, if you have a solution, I will personally get in front of a webcam in tight-fitting panties and teabag you).

And hopefully another review soon.


I almost forgot to mention that I have some little ambitions for this blog. I'm thinking of starting vlogging, like thespoonyexperiment, one of my favourite websites. But for now it's just a little ambition.

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